In the past, dating rules were largely imposed on teenagers by external sources such as parents (during high school and college), campus/dorm existence, and the community in general. These rules dictated curfews, « acceptable » dates and spots (movies, restaurants, dances), unwritten « rules » about PERSONAL DIGITAL ASSISTANT when to kiss, and whether sex should occur just before marriage.

Now that an incredible number of women are conference men on the web and corresponding through e-mail, these time-tested guidelines must be up to date to show the new means of dating on the web. The Rules meant for Online Dating certainly is the first publication to address this issue, providing women with new tactics that will help them execute an e-courtship that is secure, respectful, and leads to determination; avoid the a large number of pitfalls of Internet dating and e-mail communication; and save time, strength, and potential heartache by weeding out people who find themselves not good for them. While using the same proven formula and romantic spirit that made The Rules an international top seller and introduced thousands of ladies on their method to devoted relationships, this book shows women ways to apply these rules for their search for love on the Web.