Asian wedding ceremony rituals are different and fascinating. Whether it’s the hair brush, a red thread with cypress leaves or a unique tea marriage ceremony, we take you through some of the most amazing traditions practiced in a Asian wedding.

Japan Shinto wedding ceremony is an extremely intimate 1. There are no greatest men as well as the groom’s dad may not even become there. Instead of a ring bearer, a miko (female helper to the priest) brings benefit for the couple to consume. The soon-to-be husband drinks primary, taking 3 sips before transferring the glass to his bride. They then share the same amount of sake in concert and proclaim « omedeto gozimasu ».

Throughout a Chinese wedding ceremony, the soon-to-be husband will business lead a retraite towards the bride’s home with firecrackers and loud music to show that he is very happy to bring the girlfriend to his family. He will probably become accompanied by a kid, who represents his desire children. Then a woman of good fortune might combed the bride’s scalp while dragon phoenix wax lights will be lit and blessing lines are go through.

This is certainly a beautiful and meaningful wedding. It represents a changeover from child years to adulthood and a new beginning. The bride’s mother or a close female essential contraindications will also make the bed of the couple, festoon it with flowers and a mix of longans, persimmons and reddish colored dates, which will symbolize love, prosperity and durability.

An exclusive tea wedding ceremony is then offered to honor the bride’s and groom’s young families. Each of the lovers serve tea to their paternal and maternal grandparents, older and younger uncles and aunties after which their married brothers and sisters.